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Tapestry Artwork

Computer generated scenes of horses in sport from original photos.

These scenes are computer generated from original photographs that I own. They are copyrighted, please do not download, copy or otherwise make use of.

They are available to purchase. The price is per print, including mailing. I will discount mailing multiple prints. They are printed on stock 8x10 Kodak photo paper.

Payment must be made thru PayPal. E:mail me for more information. I will be glad to answer any questions.


The Startbox at Abby Ranch

Horses and riders waiting for their turn in the startbox, framed against the Colorado mountains.

Over the Big Log

Horse and rider, against the beautiful Colorado mountains, over a preliminary log jump at Abby Ranch.

Training Level Pinto

Lovely pinto, portraying all the courage, enthusiasm and athleticism of the event horse.

Last Minute Adjustment

A rider in red vest adjusts the boots on his horse.

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