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The Afghan Hound.....

Arrogant, friendly, aloof, affectionate, gentle playmate, deadly hunter.....The Afghan Hound is a study in contrasts.
A breed that evolved by natural selection, rather than deliberate breeding, the Afghan Hound's beautiful appearance
belies his history and origins.
The Afghan Hound evolved as a camp follower in the steppes of what is now Afghanistan.
The nomadic peoples who kept these dogs used them as hunters (from small game to the snow leopard), flock guardians
and companions.
They were kept in packs which accounts for their social nature. That long gorgeous show coat that you see today evolved
as protection
in an arid climate of extreme temperatures.
Nearly extinct in their native country due to war and hardship, the Afghan Hound has migrated to the living rooms
and backyards of the west.
His unique personality and regal appearance appeal to many who have had the opportunity
to get to know one of these special dogs.
Pictured here are some of the Afghan Hounds that I have been lucky enough to share my home with.
The picture above is Goldmine's Tapestry of Tarot JC, competing in a sport called Lure Coursing
and winning the Open Stakes Class at the Grand National in 1993.

running hound

Champion Cahal's Jammerling O'Goldmine

Goldmine's Tapestry of Tarot JC, at 6 months old,
winning a large puppy class.

Shylo Jontue of Tarot JC, in the start box about to earn her Junior Courser title.

Champion Goldmine's Ramblin Rose
'Sally' only lived at Tapestry for the duration of her show career,
but she remains one of my favorites.
Lots more pictures to come, please visit again.