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Briarwood German Shepherd Dogs

The German Shepherd Dog.....

the ultimate all around dog.
Briarwood Kennels was established in 1979 with the goal of breeding German Shepherd Dogs with beauty and brains. Mental and physical soundness and trainability are hallmarks of a Briarwood dog.
Here are some of the dogs from Briarwood, past and present.
The photo above is Brandywine's Eden CD, a daughter of the great Bel Vista's Bo Peep and the foundation of Briarwood Kennels.
Eden has been gone for many years now, but she lives on in her descendents and our hearts.

Briarwood's Alpha

Briarwood's Chantilly Lace
winning Best Puppy at a major show

Briarwood's Foxtrot CD

Briarwood's Chain Reaction

Galenheim's Legend of Jim-Sina